Posters can be set up from 12.00 pm on Monday, 29th July. There will be formal poster sessions on ... T.B.D. ... However, posters will be displayed for the whole of the conference. The posters will be in three rooms:

Group A –  Balcony

Group B –  Linnette Room   


The poster session on Tuesday, 30th July at 6.15pm - Delegates with even numbered abstracts should stand by their posters. 

The poster session on Thursday, 1st August at 4.30pm - Delegates with odd numbered abstracts should stand by their posters 


Each poster presenter will have a one minute slide presentation, before the poster session to advertise their work.


Please remove posters by coffee time on Friday, 2nd August.


A list of which posters are in which room can be found in your brochure, and on the notice board in the Main Auditorium foyer.